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The Marschiertor
  • The name was derived, previously led the Meschirstrasse passing the Marschiertor, in the vernacular this was made to Maschestroß to Marschierstrasse.
  • Constructed in 1257, completed around 1300
  • The Marschiertor was the main military base and was guarded in former "Free Imperial City of Aachen" from the "free imperial city Urban Soldiers" and "urban militias."
  • it was one of the four main gates, the south gate of the outer city wall
  • built as a gate with two towers, it is about 23,80 m wide and the passage is about 4,80m wide.
  • over the years it was besieged by different soldiers but it was also a homeless quarter, a youth hostel and at the end  a HJ-Hostel.
  • During the 2nd world war it was destroyed by bombs in 1943, and from the city repaired only provisionally.
  • in 1964 it was built up for the carnival group “Oecher Penn”.