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The privately run hotel with 50 rooms is situated next to the historic Marschiertor city gate and its central location makes it ideal for exploring the Altstadt, Aachen’s historic town centre. The main train station (Hauptbahnhof) is within easy walking distance of the hotel. We offer personalised comfort for business and private guests and are always glad to fulfil your particular wishes.

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The name of the city gate originates from the Marschierstrasse (marching street), which leads past the gate. In the local dialect, this street was called the Maschestross. The building of the Marschiertor began in 1257 and was completed in 1300. The historic structure was a key defensive position of the former Free Imperial City of Aachen and was guarded by soldiers of the city guard and militiamen. It is one of the four main gates of the city and the sole remaining southern gate of Aachen’s outer city wall. It was built as a fortified gate with a width of 23.80 m and two four-storey towers and guards a portal with a width of 4.80 m.

In the course of its history, it was besieged and occupied by various armies and later served as a junk room, a shelter for the homeless, a youth hostel and, under the National Socialist regime, as a home for the Hitler Youth movement.

In World War II, it was largely destroyed by Allied bombing in 1943, after which the city carried out only makeshift repairs. It was lovingly restored in 1964 by the ‘Stadtgarde Oecher Penn’, the oldest association of the Aachen Carnival, and is now used as their headquarters.

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